Division 2 How to Leave Raid

How to leave the raid in Division 2 has become a bit of a conundrum for some players now that the Dark Hours raid has come online; to the point that a couple people have been wondering whether the devs have just forgotten it. I assure you, they have not. There’s absolutely a way to leave the raid in Division 2, and it’s real simple. If this is what’s plaguing you, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you exactly how to leave a raid in Division 2.

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Division 2 How to Leave Raid
Division 2 How to Leave Raid

How to Leave Raid in Division 2 – Dark Hours?

To leave the raid in The Division 2, there are two avenues you can take. The first one is only applicable if you’re still in the waiting area, aka at the helipad. In other words, if you haven’t yet left for the raid proper. Speak to the woman that’s standing next to the helicopter, and bail from there. No harm, no foul; you’ll be out, and the rest of the people will presumably have to wait for somebody else to fill in the gap. Which, given the matchmaking, might smart a little.

The other option is when you’re already in the thick of the raid, and want out for whatever reason. Maybe Max Boomer Bailey is giving you too hard of a time, I don’t know. This is still pretty simple, and can also be used at the helipad. Basically, what you have to do is open the menu. Then, go over to Social, and select that. Highlight your name, and then simply click on Leave Raid. This will boot you out, and, sure, possibly leave your comrades high and dry, unless the whole squad decides to rage-quit simultaneously.

The Dark Hours raid is a pretty tough cookie. It requires a ton of teamwork, good gear, and there’s extremely little room for error. In case you need aid with it, head over to our articles titled Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide and Division 2 Dark Hours Raid Loot – Boomer, Dizzy, Ricochet, Weasel. Hopefully, they’ll help shed some light on the situation.

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