Division 2 How to Kill Boomer - First Raid Boss

Boomer Bailey is the first boss in the Division 2 Dark Hours raid, and many players have been wondering how to kill Boomer, or how to damage him, to be more precise. This is because he’s initially immune to all damage, heals fast, and can take a ton of punishment before going down. The question of how to fight the first raid boss Boomer does not have an easy answer. The method is kinda complicated, and even if you know what to do, killing the Division 2 raid first boss is far from easy. That being the case, here’s our Division 2 How to Kill Boomer – First Raid Boss guide to explain exactly how to beat the first boss in the Dark Hours raid, how to fight and damage Boomer Bailey, etc.

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Division 2 How to Kill Boomer – First Raid Boss

Dark Hours Division 2 Raid First Boss – How to Beat Max Boomer Bailey?

To Beat Boomer Bailey, the first boss in the Division 2 Dark Hours Raid, you’ll have to work as a team. He will be immune to damage initially, which is quite the bummer. Basically, one player will have to act as bait. The one that has a red eye in the center of their screen is the one drawing aggro, so that player’s job will be to kite him around. It’s recommended that that person uses the middle of the room, since there’s a lot of junk you can vault over and put some distance between you and Boomer.

Throughout the whole battle, you have to keep both the boss and the adds that spawn intermittently from the turrets. The turrets are extremely precious, as we’ll explain in a bit. So, every enemy is going to try and take them out. If they do, you’re all goners. So, make sure to have at least one player per turret to protect them and clear out adds. Also, you should designate someone to keep the adds in check, as they can easily swarm you if you don’t keep killing them.

How to Damage Boomer in Division 2 – Dark Hours Boss

To deal damage to Boomer in the Division 2 Dark Hours raid, the first step is to shoot him in the glowing green panel on his chest. It heals him, and real quick at that, so shooting it is of vital importance. This should be the job of the person who’s kiting him and has his gaze (to reiterate, it;’s the person that sees a red eye in the center). Kite him towards one of the machine gun turrets, and make sure his back is turned to it. The person manning the turret should then shoot his backpack, right in the red box.

If you’ve done it right, Boomer will fall to his knees. When this happens, the whole team should unload everything they have into him for maximum damage. In the name of all that is holy, make it count. The defense generators will go up again, so you need to destroy them before repeating the whole process. Or, you can interact with the laptops in the middle of the room. The screens just outside the middle will show A, B, C, or D. Interact with the laptop that has the right letter in order to stop the defenses from going up.

Either way, it’s arduous and difficult, so don’t get discouraged. Keep trying, and eventually, the boss will go down. Just don’t let him heal; keep the pressure on the green chest panel to prevent it. Good luck.

Killing Boomer Bailey in the Dark Hours Raid is, as I’ve stated, really, really difficult. It is, I’m sad to say, far from the only brutal challenge you’ll face during the raid, though. If you need further help, head over to our Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide, or our Division 2 Dark Hours Raid Loot – Boomer, Dizzy, Ricochet, Weasel to see what rewards await you if you persevere.

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