Division 2 Hyena Chests Reset - Chatterbox Exotic SMG Issue

Hyena chest reset issue in Division 2 has been causing problems for players that are trying to obtain the Chatterbox Exotic SMG. The situation is that people have been having trouble making the Division 2 Hyena crates to respawn. Turns out, the chests are on a timer, and you might have been resetting said timer without even knowing it. That being the case, here’s our Division 2 Hyena Chests Reset – Chatterbox Exotic SMG Issue guide to explain what the problem is and how to solve it.

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Division 2 Hyena Chests Reset Chatterbox Exotic SMG Issue
Division 2 Hyena Chests Reset – Chatterbox Exotic SMG Issue

How to Solve Hyena Chest Reset Issue with Division 2 Chatterbox Exotic SMG?

To solve the Hyena Chest reset “issue” that has been plaguing Division 2 players trying to obtain the Chatterbox Exotic SMG, you have to let 24 hours pass after the last time you opened it. I put the word “issue” in quotes because it’s not exactly a real issue; more of a misunderstanding, really. See, here’s the catch. The Hyena caches in Division 2 reset in 24 hours after the last time you opened them, not after the first time. Annoying, I know. The same thing seems to go for all orange boxes in the game.

Here’s an example. Say you open a Hyena chest, and you don’t get one of the components necessary for crafting the Chatterbox SMG. Now, you have to wait for 24 hours. However, if you come back and open it before the full 24 is out, and find it empty, the timer apparently resets. So, if the chest doesn’t drop what you want, do not open it again until 24 hours pass. Otherwise, you’ll just be adding unnecessary wait time, and delaying another swing at the Chatterbox Exotic SMG component. The fact that you have to wait a whole day is aggravating enough as it is; don’t make things worse for yourself. We have found for you 7 HYENA CHEST LOCATIONS.

For instructions on how to obtain the Chatterbox Exotic SMG, check out our Division 2 Chatterbox Exotic P90 SMG – How to Get guide. And, if you need assistance finding the keys to open the Hyena crates, go to our Division 2 Hyena keys, True Sons keys and Outcast Key Locations guide.

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  1. W

    Currently I am on gear score 450 and am looking for components for the chatter box . If I get it before world tier 5, does that mean the chatter box will remain at a 450 weapon? Will I have to get the components again once I reach world tier 5 to make it 500?


    1. J

      you can buy a blueprint to upgrade the gun

  2. S

    do you have to wait 24 hrs IRL or 24 in game hours?

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