Division 2 Navy Hill Secret Side Mission Location

Navy Hill Secret side mission in Division 2 is called Navy Hill Transmission, and it can be found in the Foggy Bottom area. Finding and beating the Navy Hill mission nets you a ton of XP and other rewards. Plus, completing the side mission earns you the Retro Field Uniform Outfit. Unfortunately, this is a bit tough, since the quest-giving NPC is hiding underground. So, here’s our Division 2 Secret Side Mission Navy Hill Transmission guide to show you exactly where to start and how to complete it.

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Division 2 Navy Hill Secret Side Mission Location
Division 2 Navy Hill Secret Side Mission Location

Where to Find Navy Hill Secret Side Mission in Division 2?

To start the mission, you’ll have to go west of the Truman Safe House in the area called Foggy Bottom. The secret side mission, called Navy Hill Transmission, is accessed through a sewer entrance tucked away on the map. From the entrance into the Truman Safe House, head west, and up the hill behind an abandoned blue truck. Follow that road and take the first right you can.

You’ll come across a huge gate on the left. There’s an open door next to the gate. In there, there’s a bunch of lockers, and ladders leading down. Climb down, kill the enemy, and go through a hole in the wall. There, you’ll find the NPC called Jane Applegate, and she’ll give you the Navy Hill Transmission side quest.

How to Complete Secret Side Quest Navy Hill Transmission?

To complete the Navy Hill Transmission mission, you’ll have to “investigate the origin of the signal.” The first step is to Reach Navy Hill, which is fortunately nearby, just to the northeast. Once you get there, kill the enemies patrolling the little plaza and go into the observatory (the building undergoing renovation). The next step is to search the Observatory. Basically, you have to climb the stairs and head to the painting in front of you and to the right when you reach the upper floor. Remove the painting and press the button to reveal a secret passage behind a book case down the hall. Go through and into the bunker.

During the Explore the Tunnel step, do just that – explore the tunnel. All throughout, you’ll be treated to the history of the OSS, the organization that inhabited the Observatory during World War II. Keep exploring until you come across what is clearly the main office, with the desk in the middle. Search the chest of drawers behind the desk to find a map.

Now, all that’s left is to exit the underground. Follow where the mission takes you, kill the enemies in the meantime, and boom, you’ll be out and done in no time flat. As a reward for completing the Navy Hill secret side mission in The Division 2, you’ll get a stupid lot of XP, a blueprint, some other guff, and, arguably most importantly, the Retro Field Uniform Outfit. It’s the uniform that USS operatives used to wear during the war, so that’s kinda cool.

G. Phillips Protocol Side Mission – Where to Find?

To find the G. Phillips Protocol Side mission, you’ll have to go way to the north of Foggy Bottom, almost to the safe house in West End. It’s marked on the map as a follow-up with a blue icon that looks like a winged sword. Simply mark it on the map and follow where it leads you. The trail ends at an unassuming-looking brick building just off Virginia Ave NW.

Strangely enough, all you have to do to complete the mission is open the double doors at the end of the hallway. However, it would be quite remiss of you if you didn’t explore every single corner of the building. Why? Because there’s a lot of really good gear to find in this place. I’d recommend going through it with a fine-tooth comb.

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