Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Moved to May

The developers of DIvision 2 have decided to delay the launch of Title Update 3 and the Operation Dark Hours raid, from April 25th to May. There is no exact release date, so May is as specific as we can get right now. On the plus side, those the participate in the Division 2 PTS will get a chance to play through some of the content coming in Title Update 3 soon, sans the raid itself, of course.

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Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Moved to May
Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Moved to May

Now, of course, the news that the upcoming Division 2 raid is going to disappoint some people. However, I’m secure in saying that it’s always, always better that something gets delayed than rushed out the door. As the development update on The Division 2 website states: “In order to fine-tune the balance of our game and to ensure the best possible player experience for everyone, we have decided to move the release of Title Update 3—including Operation Dark Hours, our 8-player Raid—from April 25 to May 2019.”

As for the release date of Title Update 3, well, there currently isn’t one. It will depend on “results from further testing and balancing of the game.” Basically, the devs want to make sure that they’ve “properly tested the large amount of balance changes that are coming to both PvE and PvP and listen to your feedback about the changes before introducing the raid.” And, I for one completely support that. Nothing is more disappointing than getting a half-baked product that you’ve been hyping yourself for (see also: Fallout 76 and Anthem).

And, speaking of testing and balancing, the Division 2 Public Test Server has gone live on April 17th on PC. And, those that choose to participate will get a taste of what Title Update 3 will bring to the table in the near future. Not even a hint of the raid, though, because the devs want to make sure that everybody starts off on an equal footing. Still, though, you’ll have the chance to peer behind the curtain, which is pretty cool in itself.

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