Division 2 Pestilence & Nemesis Exotic Weapons Finally Coming

You know that wall in the White House, the one where all your exotics are on display? You might have noticed that, even when you’ve obtained each and every one, there are still two free spaces. Well, that’s about to change. Today’s update, the one involving Tidal Basin and world tier 5, is also adding the last two exotic weapons – Pestilence and Nemesis. The light machine gun and sniper rifle are going to round up your collection and finally let you rest easy, knowing you’ve collected every single one.

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division 2 pestilence nemesis
Division 2 Pestilence & Nemesis Exotic Weapons Finally Coming


UPDATE — > How to get Pestilence LMG

Pestilence is an exotic M249 light machine gun. From the brief glimpse we got in the trailer for the Tidal Basin update, we know it’s tied to the Outcasts faction. It’s held together with duct tape, and there are some spray-painted symbols on the stock. There’s also a guard with the biohazard sign on the underside. We have no idea how we’re going to obtain it – we’ve had both craftable exotics, and exotics as drops. What we do know is that there are only three main missions that aren’t tied to any other exotic weapon – Lincoln Memorial, Air & Space Museum and Jefferson Plaza – so it might have something to do with them. It also might just be a drop from the Tidal Basin stronghold.

Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle

The latest puzzle that we think will lead us to the new exotic weapon Nemesis is called Marksman rifle scope – The Tally. You’ll get it when you deconstruct the high end sniper rifle called Adrestia SR1. If you need more information about where to find Black Tusk keycard and get sniper take a look at our guide – Marksman Rifle Scope The Tally – Where to find Adrestia SR1 Sniper

Nemesisis an exotic L115 sniper rifle. It’s part of the Black Tusk arsenal, which means it won’t be available to low level characters. The image shown in the video implies it is heavily modded, but apart from that, we know virtually nothing about it. We expect it’s either going to be tied with Tidal Basin or some new world tier 5 activity.

We’ll hopefully know more about the two as soon as the update goes live, which should happen in the next few hours. Stay tuned.

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