Division 2 Raid Launch Date Unveiled, Hint at New Specialization

Ubisoft has revealed the release date for the upcoming Division 2 raid, Operation Dark Hour. As it turns out, we can look forward to it in late April; the 25th, to be exact. We’ve also learned quite a lot about the content coming in the Tidal Basin update, including the Pestilence and Nemesis exotic weapons, the new stronghold, the first Apparel Event, the introduction of World Tier 5, and much more.

Division 2 Raid Launch Date Unveiled, Hint at New Specialization
Division 2 Raid Launch Date Unveiled, Hint at New Specialization

The release date of the highly-anticipated eight-player raid in The Division 2, has finally been announced. The raid, called Operation Dark Hour, is going to launch on April 25th. So, you have just about three weeks to prepare for that event, which is certain to test your skills and patience to the max. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to do in the meantime, by the way; quite the contrary. Today’s update, Tidal Basin, for which the server maintenance is in progress at the time of writing, is going to bring a ton of content for you to fight through.

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For example, there will be two new exotic weapons to unlock, the Pestilence light machine gun and the Nemesis sniper. There’s also the Apparel Event, which will last until May 2nd. During it, you will be able to earn Special Event Caches, which will contain outfits, emotes, masks, and more. You can also look forward to three new gear sets: Hardwired, Ongoing Directive, and True Patriot. The update will, on top of that, introduce the new Heroic difficulty, World Tier 5, and raise the gear score cap from 450 to 500. And, of course, there’s the unlocking of the Tidal Basin stronghold of the Black Tusk, the new PvP map, and more.

Last, but not least, the video announcing all this new stuff also teases the upcoming fourth specialization. It doesn’t name the specialization, nor is there a specific date when we can expect it. The only thing we see is that the person in the video is holding a goddamn minigun. So, there’s a hint as to what it might all be about.

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