Division 2 Reactivate SHD Network Mission Bug

Reactivate the SHD network is one of the mission objectives in The Division 2. You’ll get it after you complete the Federal Emergency Bunker mission, and it’ll require you to go to the White House and interact with a computer. A number of players have reported experiencing a game-breaking bug here, which stops them from progressing further. The game doesn’t register they’ve reactivated the network and keeps telling them to do so. This guide will show you a possible workaround for the Division 2 reactivate SHD network mission bug.

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division 2 reactivate shd network mission bug
Division 2 Reactivate SHD Network Mission Bug

How to reactivate the SHD network?

From what we’ve gathered, the bug seems to occur when you try to skip the cinematic after completing the objective. After you reactivate the SHD network, a short, sappy cutscene will play. Obviously, a lot of people aren’t in the mood for it and just want to get on with the game. Some of them end up getting stuck in this limbo where they can’t progress any further.

There have been several reports of a workaround. Apparently, if you get stuck here, you need to replay the mission with someone who hasn’t played it. They need to host, and you need to stay with them until they’ve watched the cutscene. They also mustn’t skip it. Finding someone like that won’t be easy, mind you. If we hear of a better solution, we’ll update the guide immediately.

Meanwhile, you can and should report the issue to Ubisoft. It’s a pretty big problem, and the developers might be able to solve it, but only if they’re made aware of its existence. It’s not the only error or problem that the game had, and much of those have already been fixed.

If you need help in other areas of the game, make sure to check out our other guides, like the ones for hyena chest locations and mask locations.

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  1. K

    This also happened to me. It turned out that I had finished the Federal Bunker mission before I finished an earlier main mission. So I went back and completed that mission and was able to reactivate
    the network

    1. A

      Trying this now. Thanks for the heads-up. Apparently Potomac Event Center didn’t finish for me even though I’ve done it twice before.

  2. P

    I power leveled a friend till he had the mission then I fixed it

  3. N
    Nicholas Podojil

    Yeah, there has been a few bugs I have noticed so far during missions… One was like your’s, on the mission where you collect the explosives, if you move to fast collecting them, they won’t count and you can’t continue. Also, I’ve had a glitch where the last enemy that you need to kill somehow glitches into a wall and you can’t shoot him… That has happened to me twice… All it is are new game bugs, sure they’ll fix em….

  4. T

    I didn’t skip the mission and it still happened 🙁 I have no friends, rip me

    1. R

      It said if you skip the cut scene, not the mission.

  5. C

    My skills turrent drone and watch are stuck
    When I was at level 100 I could not open or access my skills and now at level 124 and still same skills
    Still stuck.
    Help please

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