Division 2 How to Be Leader in Matchmaking Group

Matchmaking in The Division 2 is a standard mechanic that games like this can’t really do without. The Division 2 matchmaking hasn’t been causing too many problems so far, fortunately. What’s been annoying some people is that they don’t want to use matchmaking to play main missions from a later point. They want to use Division 2 matchmaking to play a mission from the beginning. So, the question is: how to play Division 2 missions using matchmaking from the start? If this has been bothering you, then welcome to our Division 2 How to Be Leader in Matchmaking Group guide. Hope you find it useful.

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Division 2 How to Be Leader in Matchmaking Group
Division 2 How to Be Leader in Matchmaking Group

How to Lead Matchmaking Group in Division 2?

To lead a matchmaking group in the Division 2, it’s probably best that you start the mission yourself. By leading matchmaking, I mean you being the one that other people join on the mission, instead of you dropping into someone else’s game. Basically, this is for all of you that don’t want to play stuff from, like, the halfway point. I don’t think that it makes much of a difference either way, but I guess there’s people that don’t want to miss out on anything, especially the main missions.

So, how do you pull it off? All you have to do is go to the mission that you want to play, select it, pick whatever difficulty you want, and, lastly, Quick Matchmake. Begin the mission alone, and then, all that you have to do is wait for people to join you. Whether you start pushing through on your own or just kinda hang around the start until others start appearing, that’s up to you. One thing is for certain; you’ll be in on the action from the beginning.

And that’s basically how you play missions from the start while using matchmaking in The Division 2. If you’re struggling with some other aspect of the game, head over to our Division 2 guides list and take a gander. We’ve got Secret Room Location – Viewpoint Museum Mission, How to Change Hairstyle & Tattoo – Appearance Customization, and Resupply a Friendly Control Point – How to Complete, to name just a few.

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