Division 2 Skill Mods - Where to Find, How to Equip & Share

Skill mods are modifications you can install on your gear in The Division 2. When you do, they’ll alter the properties of a skill, boosting its efficiency. You can craft them, find them out in the world and share them. This guide will tell you all you need to know about Division 2 skill mods – where to find them, how to craft, equip and share them.

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division 2 skill mods
Division 2 Skill Mods – Where to Find, How to Equip & Share

Where to find skill mods

You won’t start getting skill mods until you’re past level 10. Once you’re in your teens, they’ll start dropping from enemies on occasion, and you’ll find blueprints that allow you to craft them. Every mod requires a certain amount of skill power, and you probably won’t be able to equip most of them before you’ve leveled up a bit more. You can increase your skillpower by equipping items that boost it.

How to craft skill mods – printer fillaments

Some mods can be crafted, provided you have the adequate blueprints and materials. The blueprints can drop from enemies, or you can buy them from vendors. The materials, on the other hand, are obtained by deconstructing unwanted equipment. This includes the printer fillament epic materials. Just keep scrapping everyhting you don’t want, and you’ll end up with a nice stash of materials to use for crafting skill mods.

How to equip skill mods

Skill mods are relatively easy to equip. Open up your inventory screen and look at the bottom, where the skills are. Hover over the skill you want to mod, then press the button marked with “Mod” in the lower right corner (F on PC). This will lead you to a screen with a list of all skill mods you can apply. If you don’t fulfill the skill power requirements, the mods won’t show up. You can increase your skillpower like any other stat – by equipping items that boost it.

division 2 how to equip skill mods

How to share skill mods

You can share skill mods just like you do with other items, but it’s not as obvious. Go to the inventory and open up the mod section. Find the skill mod you want to share, then open up the options. It’s X on the PC – you’ll find the prompt in the lower right corner. Once you do, you’ll get a list of actions – simply choose share from it, and you’re good to go.

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