Division 2 Skill Power - How to Increase Skillpower

Skill power is one of the attributes in The Division 2. There’s a lot of confusion about how it works. In the previous game, skillpower was used to determine the damage your skills do, their cooldowns and such. This time around, skill power is a requirement for equipping certain skill mods, but it might also affect the efficiency of your skills. This guide will tell you everything we know about Division 2 skill power and how to increase it.

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division 2 skill power how to increase skillpower
Division 2 Skill Power – How to Increase Skillpower

Until we get official confirmation about it, we’re going to presume that a high skill power attribute only allows you to use more advanced skill mods. Either way, if you rely on skills, you’ll want to increase it as much as possible.

How to get more skill power?

In order to equip better skill mods, you’ll need to satisfy their skill power requirements. To increase your skill power attribute, you’ll need to equip items that boost it. It sounds simple, but since it’s a random roll, you might not have much luck finding them at first. We only started receiving them around level 17.

You’ll probably start off by equipping armor and gear that increases your base skill power. As you progress, you might stumble upon mods that give a percentual increase to the attribute. Obviously, if you want to get really high levels of skillpower, you’ll need to commit to it. This means picking equipment that affects it over other stuff, like health boosts or better armor. You probably won’t be able to finely tune this until you’ve reached the level cap.

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