Division 2 Disrupt Public Execution Locations - Where to Find

Public Executions in The Division 2 are events you can come across in the game. Disrupting Division 2 Public Executions are necessary for completing certain Settlement Project objectives in Settlements. You definitely want to do these activities, since you can score some pretty decent rewards that way. The only trouble is that finding Public Execution locations in The Division 2 isn’t the easiest task, since they appear more or less randomly. So, the question then is; where to find public executions in Division 2, and how to disrupt them? With that in mind, here’s our Division 2 Disrupt Public Execution Locations – Where to Find to answer those questions. Hope you find it helpful.

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Division 2 Disrupt Public Execution Locations - Where to Find
Division 2 Disrupt Public Execution Locations – Where to Find

Where to Find Public Execution Event Locations for Division 2 Settlement Projects?

To find public execution events in The Division 2 Settlement Projects, you’ll have to look for question marks on the map. These mark locations where events happen, and it appears that each question mark spawns different kinds of events at different times. So, it will require some legwork. That said, there is one tidbit that makes things slightly easier: public execution events spawn on the streets only, as far as we can tell. So, if a question mark is inside a building, and you’re out hunting for a public execution to disrupt, you can ignore that one safely. Once you come close enough, the question mark on the map will transform into a red silhouette with lines around the head. As you can see, we found one near the White House; southwest of it, to be exact.

How to Complete Disrupt Division 2 Public Execution Events?

In order to disrupt a public execution, you’ll have to act very quickly. The goal is to save at least one hostage from death. Of course, it would be ideal if both hostages survive the execution attempt, but one is enough. Basically, once you open fire, the enemies are going to start to shoot at the hostages. Both of them have a health bar. Your goal is to dispatch all the enemies before both health bars go all the way down. The game will notify you when a hostage has been saved. After that, there will be another wave of enemies, so don’t let your guard down.

If it should so happen that you fail to save either hostage, then the event will end in your defeat. At that point, you have two options: start running to other current question marks to see what’s going on there, or wait a while for the event to respawn somewhere. Important note: the event might respawn in the same location, but more likely, it will not; at least, not for a while. So, combing through the other question marks might be the better option. On the bright side, unless specified otherwise in the Project objectives, you can complete the task in any area.

How to Donate to Settlement Projects in Division 2?

In case you need further help with donating to projects, check out our Division 2 Projects – How to Complete Donate Objectives guide. Here’s a quick TL;DR though: you can donate either by going into the settlement and talking to the person at the stand marked Projects, or through the map screen. Select the Project you want to donate to, and press Space on PC to view donations. This will only be available if you have something to donate to that Project. Then, just hold the Donate button until you’re done.

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