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Appearance customization in The Division is done through swapping clothing items. You can change your jacket, hat, shoes, shirt, pants and scarf.
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It’s one of the few ways to distinguish yourself from other Agents. There are many different cosmetic items in the game that will help you achieve a unique look. This guide is going to show you how to change your appearance, where to find clothing items and what they look like.

Where to find clothing items

You’ll receive your clothes as random drops from killing enemies, helping civilians and looting people’s homes. There’s no telling what you’ll get, but some places always containt clothes. If you’re interested in good places to find cosmetic items, be sure to check out our Clothing Item Farming guide.


Jackets are the most recognizable piece of clothes in the game. As such, they’re the first thing you’ll be looking to change. There are dozens of them, ranging from winter coats and leather jackets, to parkas and windbreakers. Here are the ones we’ve found so far:


Every piece of headwear in the game is considered a hat. There have been rumours of helmets and hoods, but we haven’t seen any of those yet. Instead, we’ve seen a bunch of caps and hats.


We’ve only found a couple of pairs of pants so far, but there’s bound to be more. They’re a pretty important piece of clothing, since they cover a large portion of the body.

This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with more clothing items as we progress through the game and discover them.

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