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Dark Zone vendors are a special type of merchants in The Division, who offer much better items than the regular ones. They are usually found at checkpoints, just before the Dark Zone entrances. However, a special trader can be discovered in safe rooms inside the Dark Zone. Here is a list of confirmed Dark Zone vendor locations.

Dark Zone vendors require DZ currency – they don’t accept regular money. They provide better items and are usually located near Dark Zone entrances. An exception to that, however, are traders inside safe rooms in the Dark Zone. They are said to be selling high-end items only.

Dark Zone 01 Vendors

Map The Division Vendor SouthwestDark Zone Vendor #1
The first vendor is found in the southwest part of Dark Zone 1 (DZ01). He works at a checkpoint, near the corner of the 6th Avenue and West 31st Street. The checkpoint leads to the zone’s entrance, so the location is easy to find. Simply look for a huge quarantine sign and the checkpoint’s name – DZ01W.

Map Location Vendor The DivisionDark Zone Vendor #2
The second vendor is at the south checkpoint near the corner on the 29th Street and 5th Avenue. In order to find the actual entrance, look for a place with a stationary truck just outside and barricades with a couple of barrels. The sign in the front says “Restricted Area”.

Merchants in Dark Zone 02

Map The Division East EntranceDark Zone Vendor #1
This trader can be found at the east entrance of Dark Zone 2 (DZ02). Located on the corner of the 34th Street and Park Avenue, he is east of the Empire State building. In order to find the entrance it is best to Look for a DZ02E sign. As you enter the checkpoint, you will see the same sign inside. Use it to confirm you’re in the right place.

The Division Map Safe Room Dark ZoneDark Zone Safe Room Vendor
This is a special type of merchant that is found in the Dark Zone 2. He is inside a safe room in the northeast, as shown on the map. It is possible that this vendor offers only high-end items, but it is still not confirmed.

This guide is a work in progress. It will be updated with more info once we’ve discovered it.

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