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Clothing items are pieces of clothes that change your appearance in The Division. There are dozens of items you can use for appearance customization. Collecting them can be difficult, thanks to their sheer number and the randomization of the drops. This guide will show you great places for clothing item farming in The Division.

clothing item farming locations division
The clothes you’ll find during the game are completely randomized. There are certain ways to get clothes – you can always count on them to work – but you’ll never know what you’ll get until you’ve got it. Since there is no trading yet, the only way to acquire an item you want is to mercilessly grind. Here are some ways we’ve found that work:
  • Helping civilians – they’ll reward your good deeds, often with clothing items
  • Killing bad guys – enemies sometimes drop clothes when you kill them

Outfit farming locations

The best way to get clothes in the early game is during the Virus Research mission. It’s one of the first Medical Wing side quests. One of the objectives will be to find and activate the virus scanners. It will lead you through some apartments between W 23rd and W 24th street. While you’re inside, loot every container – closets, shelves, wardrobes. You’ll find a dozen clothing items – there’s no guarantee you’ll like them, but you’ll get a whole lot.

We still haven’t found a way to replay the mission, and the contents of the containers didn’t respawn in the first hours after we’ve looted them. If they do (later), we’ll update the info. Otherwise, the only way to get more clothes from here is by starting the game with another character. Since the stash is account-wide, shared between characters, anything one puts into it will be available to others.

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    Hi a good way to re-loot is doing the mission again with a player who didnt made it, because he will drop clothes for everyone while searching the wardrobes

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