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Since gameplay in The Division pretty much relies on teamwork, player communication plays an important part. For that reason, the developers have included the chat feature. The problem, however, is that they apparently forgot to include a channel control interface, making many people wonder how to use chat. In this guide, we will show you all chat commands in The Division and what they do.

The Division Chat Commands Channels

How to Chat in The Division

When you open the chat window by pressing Enter, you should type in one of these before trying to send a message:
  • /w [Nickname] – you can use this command to chat privately with a specific player in the game.
  • /p, /g or /group – any one of these commands switches the channel to group chat, so you can talk to your teammates.
  • /1 – use this to switch back to public chat.
  • /s – this command is used for chatting with nearby players.
If you have the means, you should definitely use the microphone, since the game has a proximity chat feature. It makes cooperation much easier and makes for some fun situations in the Dark Zone. Keep in mind that, by default, your microphone is turned on. If you want to change this, you have to go to settings and select Radio Mode (push to talk). Once this is on, you will have to press “C” whenever you want to speak.

If not, just make sure you’ve memorized the commands above so you don’t have to look for them in the middle of a gun fight.

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