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Crafting Materials in The Division are ingredients used to create weapons and gear. In order to craft items, you’ll need certain blueprints and specific types of materials, depending on the kind of item you want to create.
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The main crafting materials in the game are electronic parts, fabric, tools, weapon parts and Division Tech. This guide will show you crafting material locations in The Division.

When you go to the Crafting Station in the Base of Operations, you’ll see the blueprints you’ve collected. If you hover your mouse over the blueprints, it will show you exactly which resources you need. As is the case with weapons and other items, crafting materials have various degrees of rarity. If you want to learn more about making stuff, take a look at our guide about crafting in The Division.

Electronic Parts Locations

Electronic Parts Map Location The DivisionElectronic parts are crafting materials that are used for making various gear and gear mods. They are labeled on the map with a computer chip icon. You’ll find a few in the starting areas – the containers refill every two hours, so don’t forget to check them every once in a while.

Fabric Locations

Fabric Materials Crafting Division MapFabrics are also used to craft gear and gear mods. You will see them as folded pieces of cloth on the map. There is a cluster of them in the northwestern part of the city, west of the Dark Zone.

Tools Locations

Crafting Materials Tools Location DivisionTools are ingredients for creating weapon mods. On the map, they are represented by a multi-tool icon. If you patrol the area west of the Dark Zone, you’ll have no trouble finding them.

Weapon Parts Locations

Weapon Parts NY Map Location CraftingWeapon parts are, obviously, used for making weapons. Weapon parts are shown as small guns on the game map. They can be found mainly on the outskirts of the city.

Division Tech

Division Tech is a special crafting material. It can only be found in one place – the Dark Zone. You’ll mostly get it as loot from DZ enemies and chests. It is used for crafting items using the Dark Zone Blueprints. We still don’t know much about it, but we’ll update the guide with new info as we discover it.

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