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Chelsea is the first area you’ll visit in The Division. There are 21 collectibles to be found there, of all four kinds – phone recordings, incident reports, survival guides and ECHOs .
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Collecting them will give you more insight into what happened in New York. This guide will show you where to find all intel collectibles in Chealsea.

division chelsea collectibles locations
Note: This guide is constantly being updated. We’ll finalize it with precise locations of the items once the game is out.

Echoes in Chelsea

Echoes are like 3D photographs with sound, with a lot of information. They are snapshots of certain moments in time, like a clash between the riot police and looters, observed by a civilian bystander.

LocationHow to Get
April Kelleher 01 Riot The Division ChelseaECHO April Kelleher 01 (Riot)
This collectible can be found in the middle of West 23rd Street. Simply go south from the Base of Operations, down 8th Avenue and turn left once you reach 23rd Street. It will be in this section, surrounded by police cars. You will also see a smoking vehicle next to it.
ECHO General Supply Chain Truck ChelseaECHO General 04 (Supply Chain)
Go south from your Base of Operations, down 8th Avenue and you will find this collectible. It is right next to a huge truck with a gas mask graffiti and a number of gray crates. The sign in front of the truck says “CERA supply route.”
ECHO General Shortcut Chelsea The DivisionECHO General 05 (Shortcut)
Thhis ECHO is located southwest of the Base of Operations. Go south down 8th Avenue and turn right between 23rd and 22th Street. Keep going straight and look to your left. You will see it behind a small fence.
chelsea hidden echo mission locationECHO (Invitation)
The final ECHO collectible in this region is located in a building east of Chelsea Park. You can only get it after you’ve completed all the main missions. It will show up on your map as soon as you pass near it, but you won’t be able to get it until the game takes you there.

Incident Reports in Chelsea

Incident Reports are transcripts of events that happened after the catastrophe, like bandits preparing to rob a rich family. They’re mostly used for portraying the rioters and looters.

LocationHow to Get
The Division Incident Report 1 MethodsIncident Report 01 (Methods)
The first incident report in this area is located near the corner of 10th Avenue and West 24th Street. Look for a police car and some broken bicycles. A dead man is lying next to the collectible.
Bad Loot Incident Report 02 AmbulanceIncident Report 02 (Bad Loot)
Follow 8th Avenue down to 23rd Street and turn left when you reach it. Keep going down that road and you will see an ambulance car on the right. The collectible will be next to it.

Chelsea Phone Recordings

Phone recordings are similar to standard audio logs. You’ll find smartphones all around town, with various messages recorded onto them, like a man calling a radio station to voice his opinion on the ongoing crisis.

LocationHow to Get
Phone Recording Before Outbreak On FleekPhone Recording Before Outbreak (On Fleek)
This phone recording is in an alley northwest of the corner of 8th Avenue and 21st Street. Locate the construction site on the left and go through the passage. Turn right as soon as it’s possible and you will see the collectible near a yellow industrial spotlight.
Before Outbreak The Thing Phone RecordingPhone Recording Before Outbreak (The Thing)
The Second Before Outbreak collectible is found near the ECHO General 5, southwest from the Base of Operations. This part of the area is covered in litter so you can’t miss it. Simply look for a blue tent and a medium-sized blood stain in front of it.
JTF Phone Recording 01 InterviewPhone Recording JTF 01 JTF (Interview)
This phone recording can be found if you go east of Chelsea Park, to the area between 23rd and 24th Street. The collectible is next to a bench, below the statue of an eagle. Note that there may be a couple of enemies in the area.
Phone Recording JTF 02 Parasol Boxes AlleyPhone Recording JTF 02 (Working Overtime)
The second JTF recording in Chelsea can be found in an alley between 9th Avenue, 29th and 26th Street. Look for a heap of garbage bags and some cardboard boxes. There is also a large, white, folded parasol right next to the collectible.
Phone Recordings JTF 03 Missing PersonPhone Recording JTF 03 (Mission Person)
Head south from the Base of Operations, down 8th Avenue and turn left on 23rd Street. Continue going straight until you see a metal fence on the left and about a dozen cars parked on two levels. Get inside and turn left. Keep going straight and you will see the recording on an old box on the left.
Phone Recording Suspicions 01 Chelsea PlayPhone Recording Suspicions 01 (Investigating)
Walk down 7th Avenue till you get to 22nd Street and then turn right. Turn left when you see the contaminated zone between 22nd and 21st Street. The recording will be behind a children’s playground.
Suspicions 02 Phone Recording Surprise ChelseaPhone Recording Suspicions 02 (Surprise)
This collectible is just east of Suspicions 01. It is outside of the contaminated zone. You have to climb down a set of stairs and get to an enclosed part. There is a blue notice on the wall in front of it.
Phone Recording Week One Cab Drivers CabinetPhone Recording Week One 01 (Cab Drivers)
Get to the corner of 9th Avenue and West 20th Street. Proceed east on 20th and turn left in the area between buildings, then right. The collectible will be on an old cabinet, next to a barred front door.
Alvaro's Message Week Two 01Phone Recording Week Two 01 (Alvaro’s Message)
Get to the beginning of 21st Street and continue going east. As soon as you can, turn left and then right. You will see the recording inside a small storage space. There is a security van parked just outside.
Radio Show Rant Phone Recording Week TwoPhone Recording Week Two 02 (Radio Show Rant)
The second Week Two collectible is near the beginning of West 26th Street. Go left into the alleyway and look for a storage room with a broken car in it. The recording is near its front wheels.
PricerHouse Week Two 04 Phone RecordingPhone Recording Week Two 04 (PricerHouse)
The final phone recording is just south of the Base of Operations. It is near a small contaminated zone, close to the fence. Look for a great number of green trash bins and black plastic bags.

Chelsea Survival Guides

Survival guides are pages ripped from a survival training book, with notes and messages from certain characters scrawled onto them.

LocationHow to Get
Page 1 Survival Guide Ambulance Upstairs TV ScreenSurvival Guide Page 01
Page 1 of the Survival guide can be found west of Pricer House recording. You have to get inside the open building on the left, climb the stairs and walk in through the first open door you see. One of the rooms has a turned on TV. The collectible will be on the floor.
Survival Guide Page 3 LockpickSurvival Guide Page 03
Survival Guide Page 3 is in a building east of the corner of 10th Avenue and West 26th Street. Simply continue east on 26th Street and turn left into a building with graffiti all over its entrance. Climb up and turn right immediately. You might need to pick a lock to get inside the flat. You will see the page on the floor.
Convey Chelsea Survival Guide Page 4Survival Guide Page 04
The last page of the Survival Guide in Chelsea can be found by going south down 8th Avenue until you reach the alley between 23rd and 22nd Street. Keep going straight until you see a Convey truck parked outside of a building. Get inside the building, go all the way up and enter the apartment. The page will be in the living room, below a small radio.
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