How to Change Gear Stats in Division

The recalibration station is an upgrade that lets you re-roll gear stats in The Division. It can help you turn a piece of armor you aren’t happy with into a great one, by simply changing its attributes.
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It costs money to use it, of course. This guide will show you how to change gear stats in The Division, using the recalibration station in the Base of Operations.

Recalibration Station

division recalibration stationIn order to use the Recalibration Station, you need to buy a certain upgrade in the Base of Operations. It’s part of the Tech Wing, and it’s called Recalibration. You’ll have to spend 200 tech supplies to unlock it. When you do, it will show up at the entrance to the Tech Wing. Right after you climb the stairs, turn left to see the new workbench.

How to Reroll Gear Stats

Once you’ve opened the station, it will show a list of all your gear items (masks, vests, holsters, knee pads, backpacks and gloves). It doesn’t work with weapons, sadly, only armor pieces. When you choose a category, you’ll see the stats of each item, what you could get by rerolling them and how much it would cost you. As the rarity goes up, so does the price. Everything up to and including Superior items is paid for with credits, while rerolling High-End gear costs Phoenix Credits.

When you choose the item, you then have to pick the attribute you want to change. Once you’ve changed it, you’ll only be able to reroll that same stat again, at a price that goes up with every switch. Every re-roll will give you the option to keep the original attribute, in case you don’t like the new ones. You’ll also get a range for every new stat, so there’s a chance to reroll into something worse.

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