The Division End Game Footage Released

Ubisoft Massive’s game director, Peter Mannefelt, recorded a video showing some end game footage from the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division. The play is from the Lexington Event Center mission and the player’s character is at level 27. We can see the protagonist fight Rikers faction members on hard mode using various skills and gadgets.

The first thing we can see in the video are the player’s modded weapons, shown in purple. He profusely uses seeker mines with various mods that either split and damage multiple enemies or release smoke and circle around the targets. The smoke can blind the enemies and give the player the opportunity to shoot. Peter also shows off his signature skill called Tactical Link that provides a damage boost and increases the critical hit chance. Signature skills can greatly improve the player’s efficiency, but the cooldown time is considerable. It can, however, be shortened by killing enemies. Another interesting gadget is the zapper turret. It is a small robot that shoots bullets that shock the targets.

Near the end of the video, before a boss fight, Peter switches to long range weapons. Besides that, he uses the cover buff, which gives more protection and increases damage. He also uses the first aid to heal himself when critical.

The Division will launch March 8th on PC, XBox One and PS4.

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