Far Cry Primal Assassin's Creed Easter Egg

There’s a quest called Fly Like Bird in Far Cry Primal that leads to an Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg. It involves Urki the Thinker who wants to fly, and tasks you with finding the materials he needs in order to soar.
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This guide will show you how to finish Fly Like Bird quest and see the AC easter egg.

Urki needs four things in order to soar. Some of them are common, but aren’t native to the region he’s in. Others are rare and hard to get. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Snow Bird Feather – Although Snowbirds are usually found in the cold, north areas, there are a couple of them on a river island nearby. The tall grass does a great job of hiding them, so just be persistent.
  • Tortoise Shell – Tortoises can be found on the banks of the river south of where Urki lives. After you’ve killed one (it takes a few shots), just loot the corpse to get the shell.
  • Raven Feather – There are a bunch of rocks near the waterfall. The nearby ravens will land on them from time to time to get some rest, you just have to be prepared. Crouch in the grass and wait for your opportunity. They’re easy to hit while on the ground.
  • Bitefish Head – You can get this by going to the river near Urki’s cave. Shoot the fish from the coast, then loot the corpse.
far cry primal fly like bird mission

When you bring him the pieces, he’ll use a ramp in front of his cave to jump off the cliff and onto a haystack. You might hear the AC signature eagle cry as he does. He’ll survive, against all odds, and become a friend and tribe member, giving you new missions from time to time. You won’t just be getting an Easter Egg referring to one of your favourite game series, but a brother Wenja to help you survive in the wild, as well.

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