The Division Ubisoft Club Rewards, Actions & Badges

The Ubisoft Club app has been updated, revealing new info about The Division. Things that have been made public include rewards, actions and badges. There will be more than a dozen things to spend your Uplay credits on, as well as eight actions which will reward you with them.

the division ubisoft club rewards actions badges
Rewards are in-game items and bonuses you can unlock by spending Uplay credits, a currency earned by playing Ubisoft games on Uplay. They can include outfits, weapons, crafting materials, or digital extras like wallpapers and music from the game. Here’s a list of the ones revealed so far:

Rainbow Six Siege Tactical SuitYou have to own RS: Siege to get this outfitN/A
Spray Stripes Urban Snow Weapon SkinA weapons skin from the Rewards Claim Vendor (RCV)20 U
Master Crafting Kit2 of each rare crafting resource at RCV30 U
Iconic Division JacketAgent Ryan’s outfit, available at RCV30 U
Dark Zone Keys3 Dark Zone keys at RCV30 U
The Division SoundtrackTracks from the game30 U
Centurions Basketball Fan PackA cap and jacket with the team’s colors at RCV30 U
Broker OutfitA 19th century outfit available at RCV40 U
Phoenix Credit Pack30 Phoenix Credits at RCV40 U
Shortbows Sports CapHockey team headwear at RCV???
Shortbows Sports JacketA jacket with the hockey team’s colors at RCV???
The Division Concept Art A pack of images from the game’s development???
The Division Desktop WallpaperSeveral wallpapers with scenes from the game???
The Division Mobile WallpaperA couple of phone-sized wallpapers with game imagery???
Ubisoft Club Go Bag3 medkits, 500 credits and some basic crafting materials at RCV???
Also revealed were the actions – in-game achievements which sometimes reward you with Uplay credits. Here are the ones that carry credit rewards with them:

ActivatedGet To Manhattan15 U
Gain a FootholdRegroup with Faye Lau in the Base of Operations15 U
Raid the ArsenalKill 1 enemy with each of the 6 Gun Classes20 U
Skill Kill Finish off 50 enemies using Skills20 U
Worth The WaitSuccessfully Extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone20 U
Deconstructive CriticismDeconstruct 100 items30 U
On The LevelReach level 30 with an Agent40 U
Know No FearFinish all of the missions at Level 30 on the Hard difficulty40 U
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