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Garment District is one of the areas in The Division. It’s the early PvE part closest to the Dark Zone.
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There are 8 collectibles hidden around the neighborhood. Getting them will give you a clearer picture of the fall of Manhattan during the crisis. In this guide, we are going to help you find all collectibles in Garment District.

Incident Reports in Garment District

LocationHow to Get
There Be Dragons Incident Report Moving TruckIncident Report 05 There Be Dragons
This incident report is located northeast from the Base of Operations. Just go east on 34th Street and it will be in the block after the safe room. Reach the police barricades with the moving truck on the right and the collectible will be to your left, near the shop windows.

Garment District Survival Guides

LocationHow to Get
Survival Guide Page 9 Gate AlleySurvival Guide Page 9
Get to the corner of 7th Avenue and West 31st Street. Continue east from there and look to your right. When you see an open gate with white smoke, come inside and turn right. Keep going straight until you see the guide on your right.

Phone Recordings in Garment District

LocationHow to Get
Phone Recording Out Renee SmokePhone Recording Out 01 (Renee)
The same gate where you found Survival Guide Page 9 is hiding the phone recording collectible, in the smoke on the left. Just look left as soon as you get inside and you will see it.
Phone Recording Renee's Mother Statue ScholarPhone Recording Out 02 (Renee’s Mother)
The recording of Renee’s Mother is found at the start of West 32nd Street. Just look for a secluded part of the street with a stone statue of a scholar in the middle. The collectible will be behind it, on the right.
Coffee Phone Recording Week Two SubwayPhone Recording Week Two 05 (Coffee)
If you go east from the Base of Operations, down 33rd Street, you will come across a subway entrance on the left. The sign above the entrance says “All-American Liquor.” Go down, following the intel icon. You will have to cross the tracks to get the collectible. It is next to some tents.
Phone Recording Pigeons Week Two BarPhone Recording Week Two 06 (Pigeons)
In order to find this collectible, you need to go east of your BoO, down 33rd Street. After a while, you will see a wooden structure with the sign “Sports Bar & Grill.” Turn left in the alley behind the bar. The recording will be near a heap of garbage bags on the right.

Garment District ECHOs

LocationHow to Get
ECHO Dark Zone Checkpoint General Interview ParachuteECHO General 01 (Interview)
The first ECHO in this area is found near Dark Zone 2 West entrance checkpoint. You will see a huge parachute over a tree in the vicinity and a fire in the distance. DZ02W is written on a wall nearby.
ECHO General Crossroad Pyre BurntECHO General 03 (Pyre)
This ECHO collectible can be found on the corner of 7th Avenue and 34th Street, northeast from the Base of Operations. It is on the ground next to a completely burnt vehicle at the center of the crossroad.
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