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Leveling Up in The Division is done by completing misions, killing enemies and finding collectibles. The highest level you can get is rank 30 and the road towards it is long.
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Luckily, you can cut corners and take shortcuts. This guide will show you how to level up fast in The Division, how to earn XP and move through the ranks.

how to level up fast division

How to earn XP in The Division

  • Complete missions. The average mission will fill up almost half of the XP meter of the level it’s designed for. Keep in mind that:
    1. Missions only give you experience once.
    2. Hard mode doesn’t give more XP than normal.
    3. It’s always much easier with a team.
  • Complete higher level encounters. Some of them are worth a bunch of XP. You can’t repeat them on your own, but you can join a group whose host didn’t finish them. This way, you’ll earn the same amount of XP again.
  • Help civilians. You can give them an item in exchange for some XP. It’s a small amount, but it helps and doesn’t take time.
  • Pick up collectibles. Whenever you stumble upon one, make sure you take it. Like the civilians, it will be small boost, but it’s free.
  • Get the Experienced Agent Perk as soon as possible (after the fifth mission). It will increase your XP gain by 10%.
  • Get the Armory Combat Veteran Perk – it will grant you a 25% increase in accolade XP (the little badges you get after missions – for headshots, multikills etc)
  • Upgrade your weapons with mods that give you extra XP from kills or headshot kills. It’s a small bonus (around 1%), but it’s better than nothing.
And whatever you do, stay away from the Dark Zone. The experience gathered there is measured separately from the regular rank. If you have any XP farming advice of your own you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments section below.

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