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Masks in The Division are used to access contaminated areas of the map and usually can’t be equipped outside of them. However, certain players found a glitch that lets you use them anywhere.
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While this is merely a cosmetic thing, it is certainly an interesting concept. As far as we know, it’s only possible on PC. This guide will show you how to wear a mask outside contaminated areas in The Division.

The process is quite simple:
  • Open up your inventory
  • Locate the mask (select it, but don’t open the masks submenu)
  • Press Inspect (G by default)
  • Quickly exit the menu as soon as it starts loading.
The mask will appear immediately on your character’s face and that’s it. If it doesn’t work the first time, just go through the steps again until you’ve got it. If you want to take off the mask, all you need to do is unequip it. As simple as that. If that doesn’t do the jo, try equiping another mask or a hat.

The main reason why many players want to take advantage of this glitch is because they are quite unhappy with the current character customization options. A mask is, therefore, a good solution for the poor character design. It’s also frustrating to have a mask and not be able to wear it because it’s not necessary. The developers are probably already aware of this issue and a fix might be on the way. However, players are hoping this glitch will become a proper customization option instead.

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