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Intel collectibles in The Division contain small pieces of the game’s story and give the player additional XP. There is a total of 15 different intel fragments in the Hudson Yards district.
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Some are hard to get, hidden in unexpected places or guarded by groups of enemies. This guide will show you where to find all collectibles in Hudson Yards.

ECHOs in Hudson Yards

LocationHow to Get
ECHO General Goulash Hudson YardsECHO – General 05 (Goulash)
The only ECHO in this area is found at the start of the Hudson Refugee Camp mission, west of the Base of Operations. As you enter the area, you will turn left and climb down the stairs, all the way to the ground. You will see a heap of burning bodies and the ECHO will be right in front of it.

Hudson Yards Incident Reports

LocationHow to Get
Incident Report Rioter Breaking Quarantine HudsonIncident Report – Rioter Reports 09 (Breaking Quarantine)
The first incident report is found in the northwest part of the area, close to the docks. It is in a large yellow tent, near an orange barricade. You can see some abandoned CERA trucks and cars in front of the tent and a tall metal fence in the back. Inside, you will see the collectible on a table on the right.
Incident Report Ferro's Pledge Cleaner Hudson YardsIncident Report – Cleaner Reports 01 (Ferro’s Pledge)
The second report is on the west coast of Hudson Yards. It is located north of Camp Hudson and west from this area’s safe room. The report is next to a dead policeman, surrounded by police cars and wire fence. Blocks with signs saying NYC can be seen in the back.
Rioter Reports 10 Safe Passage IncidentIncident Report – Rioter Reports 10 (Safe Passage)
You will find the last incident report in this area northwest from the Base of Operations. It is on the intersection of West 34th Street and Dyer Avenue. There is a “No Entry” sign near it and a burning police car. You will also see a huge truck lying on its side.

Missing Agents in Hudson Yards

LocationHow to Get
Missing Agent LaMarcus Henry Hudson YardsMissing Agent 03 – LaMarcus Henry
The missing agent trace in this area is found inside a garage, near 12th Avenue, west of a Safe House. Find the garage entrance on the southwest side of the building. The collectible will be on the ground, next to a toll booth and some boxes. A Convey van will be on the right.
Hudson Yards Missing Agent 01 Jeremy CarmichaelMissing Agent 01 – Jeremy Carmichael
This agent’s trace can be found on the intersection of Hudson Boulevard and West 36th Street. There is a restaurant on the corner by the name of “Chicken Palace.” In the vicinity, you can also see a tree decorated with Christmas lights.

Hudson Yards Phone Recordings Locations

LocationHow to Get
JTF 07 Dark Zone Phone Recording HudsonPhone Recording – JTF 07 (Dark Zone)
This collectible is near the corner of Hudson Boulevard and West 33rd Street. Look for a tall metal fence that has a “Road Closed” sign on it. You will need to jump over a couple of barricades to get to it. Turn left when you reach it and you will see the recording next to a pile of garbage bags.
Phone Recording JTF 08 Store OwnerPhone Recording – JTF 08 (Store Owner)
This phone recording is near the corner of West 34th Street and 11th Avenue. At the end of 34th Street you will see a parking area with half a dozen cars and a truck. Its metal gates are open. The collectible is on a rug to the right, next to a couple of tents.
Phone Recording JTF Showing Symptoms CollectiblePhone Recording – JTF 09 (Showing Symptoms)
In order to get this recording, you need to go north down Hudson Boulevard until you reach West 36th Street. Then, continue going straight into an alley. The collectible will be there, next to a dead body and some garbage bags.
Phone Recording Creep 01 Harassment 1Phone Recording – Creep 01 (Phone Harassment 1)
Get to the corner of 11th Avenue and West 38th Street. Go east down 38th Street until you see an alley between Auto Service and Mini Storage. It will have an open gate with a “Restricted Area” sign on it. Get inside and walk until you reach the van. The recording is next to the driver’s seat, on the left.
Lincoln Tunnel Report Phone Recording Week Two 07Phone Recording – Week Two 07 (Lincoln Tunnel Report)
This collectible can be found near the corner of 11th Avenue and West 40th Street. Look for a huge white truck and an orange road block on the Avenue. There you will see an arrow pointing to the right. Follow it to a passage. The recording will be next to a couple of green garbage bins at the end.
Phone Recording JTF 10 Crisis Center RobberyPhone Recording – JTF 10 (Crisis Center Robbery)
The next recording is behind a Strands 99 store on 10th Avenue, near the corner with West 34th Street. Locate the store and enter it. Once inside, go left through the door and follow the hallway to the back of the store. You will see two white cars and a heap of trash bags. The recording you want will be on the ground between them.
Hudson Yards Phone Recording Week Two Home AlonePhone Recording – Week Two 08 (Home Alone)
If you go east down West 38th Street, you will see a secluded parking lot on your right, next to a fire department. You will see some fire trucks on the street. Get into the parking lot and turn left. You will see the recording next to some trash bags.
Phone Recording Creep 02 Harassment 2 Hudson YardsPhone Recording – Creep 02 (Phone Harassment 2)
The collectible is near the corner of West 38th Street and 9th Avenue. Look for a car park next to an army gate. Get inside and climb the stairs on the far right. Once you are up, turn right and you will see the recording.

Survival Guides in Hudson Yards

LocationHow to Get
Survival Guide Page 10 Hudson YardsSurvival Guide Page 10
In order to find the survival guide in this area you need to get to the Strands 99 store where you found Phone Recording – JTF 10. Get inside, go through the door on the left, then turn right and right again. It will lead you to the stairs that you need to climb. The recording will be on the floor, in the living room.
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