The Division: Outliers Fan-Film Released

A group of film-making enthusiasts under the name of Frisky Biscuit created a fan-film based on the The Division. While the acting isn’t all that great, the video has some interesting takes on the upcoming Ubisoft game.

The group relied heavily on their imagination, as they didn’t have much to work with. Their project started even before the The Division’s beta.

In the video we can see the protagonists scavenging a location and stumbling upon enemies. They use various tactics to defeat the numerous opponents. The first skill we see at the start is Pulse. One of the men uses it to detect hostile targets behind walls. The fire exchange ensues with both short and long range weapons. Automatic turrets and remote-controlled drones enter the fight and provide covering fire. The filmmakers also used some Hollywood tricks like exploding fuel barrels near the end. The Division’s well-known interactive 3D map closes the film.

Try comparing the video with the actual 60 FPS gameplay footage released by Ubisoft. Which looks better?

The Division is set to launch on March 8th for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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