The Division Update 1.7 Brings Major Features Including Loot Boxes

Tom Clancy’s The Division update 1.7 brings major new features into the game, including loot boxes. It is going live today after server maintenance ends. The Survival DLC will also be free for those who don’t own it from August 18th-20th.

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Loot Boxes in The Division

Loot boxes (or Encrypted Caches, as the game calls them) are one of the new features included in update 1.7. They contain unique appearance items, emotes and skins, organized in collections in the Vanity tab. You can get these loot containers from the Premium Vendor in the terminal. In order to open one, you’ll need a Cipher Key.

Cipher Keys can be created from 10 key fragments that are available as regular drops, but you can also purchase them from the Vendor with Premium Credits. The credits can be purchased with real money, from the in-game store and online shops like PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, Uplay Shop and Steam Store. Ubisoft have published an FAQ about Premium Credits on the official site.

Division 1.7 Patch Notes

The full notes are aroud four thousand words long – beside the new features listed below, there are minor changes, fixes and more listed here.

The Division Update 1.7 Brings Major Features Including Loot Boxes

Global Events

  • Global Events are time-limited events that add special modifiers to the PvE parts of The Division.
  • Taking part in a Global Event will award you Tokens that you can use to purchase Classified Gear caches and unique vanity items.
  • The Global Event features a modifier that can be applied to existing content. Two extra modifiers can be enabled to increase the challenge and the rewards.
  • You can earn Global Event Tokens by playing the content and exchange them for Global Event Caches at the vendor.
  • Rewards include: Three Classified Gear Sets, Three different Weapon Skins and One vanity set.
  • Global Event specific Commendations are available to challenge you even further.

Commendations & Patches

  • Commendations introduce hundreds of challenges across several categories for agents to accomplish. Commendations cover all aspects and areas of the game, both for PvE and PvP.
  • Unlocking achievements reward the player with Commendation Score. Your tallied score is displayed to other agents.
  • Some special Commendations award a Patch, a brand new vanity item. These Patches are displayed on the agent’s arm, replacing the default Phoenix patch.

Face Masks

  • Face Masks are new vanity items allowing players to further customize the look of their agent.
  • Face Masks can be obtained during Global Events.

Face Customization

  • The Base of Operations now include a room with an interactive mirror that you can use to change your agent’s appearance. You can find the room by turning right straight after you have entered the Terminal from the Base of Operation stairs.

Classified Gear Sets

  • Classified Gear Set pieces are unique gear set pieces for pre-existing gear sets and will feature 5 and 6-piece bonuses.
  • Classified Gear Set pieces can initially only be received from participating in Global Events. After a Global Event has concluded, the Classified Gear pieces can be found during normal gameplay, but with lower drop rates than during Global Events.
  • Classified Gear Set pieces have higher Primary Stat Range than normal Gear Set pieces. Primary Stat Range: 1274 – 1401
  • Classified Gear Sets can receive two recalibrations.
  • Three Classified Gear sets will be introduced for every Global Event. These Classified Gear Sets are: Lone Star, Final Measure and DeadEYE.

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