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Weapon Skins are mods for guns in The Division. They’re used for customization and only affect the look of an item.
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You can get them as random drops, quest rewards, or buy them from the Appearance Vendor in the Base of Operations. This guide will show you a list of weapon skins in The Division and what they look like.

division weapon skins

How to get Weapon Skins

A skin can be applied to any weapon, regardless of type. Some are solid color, while others sport a pattern. While they can be obtained in the field, the easiest way to get them is by getting an Appearance Vendor in your headquarters. You’ll have to unlock a certain upgrade in the Security Wing, called Supply Lines. After that, the merchant will appear, selling all kinds of cosmetic items. You’ll find him in the farthest part of the wing, all the way to the right from the entrance.

His stock refreshes daily, and the skins he offers are pretty cheap. Until now, there’s been only one on sale every day. Each of the ones we’ve seen cost several thousand regular credits. You can get a new one every day for mere pennies. Here’s a gallery of the ones we’ve found so far:

We’ll update the guide with new pictures as we get our hands on more skins.

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