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Dune & Ranger jackets are rare outfits in The Division. They can be bought from the Dark Zone vendor in DZ06, for copius amounts of Phoenix Credits.
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The main downside, apart from the price, is that you can’t get a preview of these clothing items before you buy them. This guide will show you how Ranger & Dune jackets in The Division look, potentially saving you hundreds of Phoenix Credits in the process.

Dune Jacket

The Dune Jacket can be bought from the church safe house vendor in DZ06 for about 350 Phoenix Credits. It’s a brick red leather jacket with patches of black. Here’s what it looks like:

division dune jacket

Ranger Jacket

The Ranger Jacket is on sale at a Dark Zone vendor, the one in the DZ06 safe room. Same as the other one, it’s price is around 350 Phoenix Credits. It’s green with dark brown sleeves. Here’s a picture of it:

ranger jacket division
If you like them, keep in mind there’s a chance to receive them as random drops or rewards from civillians. If you don’t have a burning desire to own them, there’s no reason to spend the ungodly amount of Phoenix Credits the vendor is asking for. There are much better ways to spend your hard earned cash – high-end equipement, blueprints and such.

We can’t begin to fathom the reason behind the prices of these two jackets, but making them a blind purchase feels like the wrong decision. So now you can take a good, long look at them before deciding if they’re worth all that money.

Many thanks to reddit users Nanaki-is-Nanaki and ReReminiscence for sharing the images

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