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WarrenGate Power Plant Challenge Mode is an end game daily activity in The Division. It lets you replay the plant mission in Styvesant on challenging difficulty.
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You have to be level 30 in order to unlock it, and you’ll get some Phoenix Credits and a yellow item if you complete it. This guide will give you a WarrenGate Power Plant Challenge Mode walkthrough, helping you get cash and some great loot.

warrengate power plant challenge mode
If you’ve just reached the end-game, you could take a look at our Division Challenge Mode guide, which will give you some broad advice on tackling these missions.

Enter the power plant

There’s only one group of hostiles in front of the plant. There are a couple of grenadiers in the mix, so keep on your toes. Stay behind the cars, spread out and slowly retreat if you feel too much pressure. You can use the gate as a choke point and get some AoE damage in.

Investigate the power plant

The next encounter will start after you use the switch to open the metal accordion door. There’s a resupply chest next to the door – use it. Concentrate on the shotgun-wielding, rushing thugs first. There will be more grenadiers here, so make sure you dodge as best as you can. Try to take advantage of the catwalk – it makes the fight easier.

Locate the explosives

warrengate challenge mode ammo restock
Ammo cache
You’ll follow a small corridor out of the hall and into a room. When you arrive, a group of enemies will come down the stairs. Use the moments while they’re still clustered to either do some AoE damage or flashbang/smoke them. Watch out for the one with the shield.

Disarm the explosives

warrengate secondary explosives resupply
Ammo crate
When fighting the first group of enemies, prioritize the grenadiers. After you start snaking around the narrow tunnels, try to avoid camping by the pipes. When shot, they can generate a large flame and do considerable damage. You’ll have to locate the secondary explosives and disarm them as well. It will be guarded by a group with several snipers. Stick to cover, take out the grenadiers first, then pick off the snipers.

Locate the safety valves

warrengate safety valves division
Restock box
This is where the real trouble starts. You’ll have 12 minutes to finish several objectives, with groups of enemies spawning between each two. There’s high ground in the middle of the room – try to always flock to it, spread out as much as you can and dodge vigilantly. You’ll have to operate 3 valves, each inviting a group of enemies.

You won’t have time to wait for your signature skills to recharge after each fight, so you’ll have to ration them wisely. After you operate the main valve, you’ll proceed further.

Secure the control room

challenge mode walkthrough warrengate
Don’t forget to refill your ammo
Restock at the chest after the valve room. When you start the gunfight in the control room, make sure to hold the two flanking routes on the sides. If you let enemies creep up on you from there, you’ll be in a world of pain.

There will be a couple of shield bearers there, as well. They’re extremely tough, with a lot of armor. When you see them crouch behind the shield, dive into cover and wait for their barrage to end.



  1. A

    Good guide but there is only one thing you haven’t taken in consider. This is the hardest mission of all because of the last fight where you have to fight 4 bosses at once! If you don’t have decent dps (pref over 120k) or none disruption this mission will be almost impossible to win. I recommend against the bosses to use as much disruption as you can (make sure you chain them together) and then focus one boss after the other. If the bosses pushes which they will there is no shame of falling back. They will still follow you and you can set up new defences with you new cooldowns.

    1. X

      id have at least 80k-100k Dps stacked crit chance with a 3% damage dealt off crit goes to health with stacked extra Armour and at least 65k Hp

  2. U

    We pulled the bosses back into the prior room, had 1 person kite them, while we pulled one at a time back to the original room.

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