DOOM Eternal Announced At E3 2018 with Teaser Trailer

Bethesda has announced the new DOOM game, called DOOM Eternal, during their presentation at E3 2018. There’s no release date, and the video doesn’t reveal a lot. However, it does seem that Hell has overtaken Earth, and it’s time for the Doom Slayer to set the record straight with his trusty shotgun and other means of mayhem. They’ll release more information on DOOM Eternal in early August, at QuakeCon in Dallas.

DOOM Eternal Announced At E3 2018 with Teaser Trailer
DOOM Eternal Announced At E3 2018 with Teaser Trailer

The time is nearing once again. The time to load your shotgun, put on your Doom Slayer armor, and go stomp out some demons. DOOM is coming back, presumably stronger than ever, in DOOM Eternal. Bethesda has released a teaser trailer for the game, and, as a long-time DOOM fan, I have only one thing to say: Yes, please, more.

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The teaser trailer that Bethesda showed off during their presentation doesn’t give away too much, just the right amount. The video shows us a horrible hellscape that looks like it’s actually Earth. Yes, it seems that Hell has come to our world after wreaking havoc on Mars. We get to see all the familiar enemies, such as imps and Barons of Hell. The world is devastated, with corpses and fire and giant tentacles aplenty. The Doom Marine steps in, crushes a demon skull with his boot. He loads his shotgun, takes aim, and the screen cuts to black. If you’ve ever played Doom, you know what comes next, and you’re likely very eager for it.

The video description sheds a little more light on what’s going to be happening in DOOM Eternal. The video tells us that we’ll “fight across dimensions as you slay new and classic demons with powerful new weapons and abilities.” Sounds good to me; sign me right up. More details about the new DOOM will be coming on August 10th during QuakeCon 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Until then, you can enjoy the teaser trailer below.

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