Starfield is Bethesda's Next Big Single Player RPG, And It's Set in Space

Bethesda reps weren’t joking when they said E3 2018 was going to be their biggest presentation yet. After actual details about Rage 2, Fallout 76 and all the other stuff they’ve announced in the weeks before the convention, they started announcing new stuff as well. Elder Scrolls 6 is one, Starfield yet another. It’s an RPG set in space, or so it seems. There’s not much info about it, but there’s a teaser.

starfield e3 teaser
Starfield is Bethesda’s Next Big Single Player RPG, And It’s Set in Space

The teaser is what gives away that it might be set in space. It’s just a panning shot of space, a planet and a satellite or space station. It’s enough to make Bethesda fans to water at the mouth, obviously. A lot of people seem to be inexplicably excited by this short video, although it shows literally nothing. As far as hard facts go, we know it’s being developed by Bethesda Game Studios, which is the internal studio that does the Fallouts and Elder Scrollses. They’re advertising it as their first new IP in 25 years, which is somehow supposed to be reassuring?

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There’s also the fact that it’s going to be singleplayer, which is probably a relief for the crowd that was disappointed with Fallout 76’s online ways. We’re not going to see it for a couple of years at least, and it feels like they’ve announced it only to appease people who were put off by all the hubbub surrounding the new Fallout. There was also mention of it being “next gen”, although it’s unclear if this means it’s being made with Playstation 5 and Xbox Two in mind, or if they’re sprucing up the ancient Gamebryo engine again.

Since it’s early in development, don’t expect to see any actual footage in the near future. Gamescom is usually the place to show off stuff from E3, if there is anything to show, but it sounds like Starfield is not yet ready for public scrutiny.

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