Collectibles & Secrets Locations in Mission 1 Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Secrets and Collectibles are different items that you can uncover in the game, including Codex Entries, Cheat Codes, Toy collectibles, extra lives, and more. Finding the collectibles and secrets in Doom Eternal counts to your Exploration rating for the mission, but they also uncover lore, give you cheats, and they’re just fun to find. But, where is one to find all the collectibles and secrets in the first mission of Doom Eternal? Well, let’s dive right into our Collectibles & Secrets Locations in Mission 1 Doom Eternal guide.

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Collectibles & Secrets Locations in Mission 1 Doom Eternal
Collectibles & Secrets Locations in Mission 1 Doom Eternal

Where to Find Doom Eternal Mission 1 Secrets & Collectibles?

To find the first secret collectible in Mission 1 in Doom Eternal, go into the room where you get the chainsaw. In the far left corner from the entrance into the room, you’ll find a cracked wall. Punch it to destroy it, then go to the end of the corridor. Turn around when you reach the end and double-jump onto the platform above. Here, you’ll get the Zombie (Earth) Toy. This brings you back to the chainsaw room.

Next up, proceed forward to the large hall full of enemies (and collect the Mod Bot on the way). Kill them all, and go through the gate next to the blue elevator-thing to find the Hell’s Barges Codex Entry. You don’t really need pictures for this one. You also don’t need them for the next Codex Entry, Remaining Human Population – Part 1. It’s right at the entrance into the ruined building you go into after killing Deag Nilox.

Once inside that building (there’s a mod bot right in front as you enter), punch through the green-streaked wall and go into the next room. Look above and to the left, and you’ll see half of a corpse nailed to the wall. Jump onto that platform and go into the corner to find the Doom Slayer Toy.

After progressing through the level, you’ll come across a building with “Scott” written in blue neon. Hop onto the overturned truck in front of it and head left, then jump onto the platform above the “Shuz” sign. Punch the cracked wall on the left and drop down the shaft to get the Imp Toy.

From there, head to the left immediately and climb up the platform. Head into the next room and walk around the huge hole. Look to the left to spot the Remaining Human Population – Part 2 Codex Entry.

When you find the above Codex Entry, head forward and drop down to get a secret extra life. Then, exit the building via the blood-splattered platform and proceed forward into the ruins across the street. Keep going down that path and keep hugging the right side. Eventually, you’ll find another cracked wall that you can punch through. There’s another secret extra life there.

Proceed through the level normally (don’t miss the Mod Bot in the subway before you enter the train), and you’ll eventually come across the Formation of the Arc Codex Entry. Head onward and, when you come across the junction, head left and jump onto the huge cube. From there, jump onto the platform above, and punch through the grate. This question mark gives you the Infinite Lives Cheat Code.

Progress through the level until you crawl out of a long elevator shaft. Jump onto the marble gate right in front of you, turn around, and jump onto the platform in front of you. Go into the elevator on the right and drop down to find another extra life.

how to get secret extra lives doom eternal first mission

Continue on, and you’ll come across an arena-like section with a huge Vitreous billboard that somehow still stands. Head to the right of this area and use the yellow monkey bar to reach the platform beyond, and you’ll collect another extra life while in the air.

all secret extra life locations doom eternal where to find mission 1

Now, go through the huge gate and head on until you reach the huge ritual chamber with the pentagram on the floor. Drop onto the pentagram and head to the left to find the Hell Priests Codex Entry. Then, head back to the platform you were just on and go behind the huge demon statue to find the Deag Nilox Codex Entry.

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