Mission 3: Cultist Base Collectibles & Secrets Locations - Doom Eternal

Cultist Base is the third mission in Doom Eternal. There are 28 collectibles and secrets to be found in it, but only 17 of those count towards the completion percentage of the level. Some of them are impossible to miss, but others are well hidden in the various nooks and crannies of the level. Although you can replay the mission at any time after you complete it, combing the level for some missing item isn’t that fun. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to help you find all Mission 3: Cultist Base collectibles & secrets locations in Doom Eternal.

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doom eternal mission 3 cultist base collectible toy gargoyle
Mission 3: Cultist Base Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal

Although there are twenty eight collectibles and secrets in total, some of them don’t count towards 100% completion – things like extra lives and power ups. Here’s a list of the 17 that do matter:

  • Modbot x1
  • Sentinel Crystal x1
  • Preator Suit Point x5
  • Codex Page x1
  • Sentinel Battery x3
  • Rune x1
  • Empyrean Key x1
  • Toy x2
  • Cheat Code x1
  • Album x1

The video embedded below contains directions to all 28, and you can use the timestamps in the description to navigate to specific secrets. Or you can use the instructions further below it to find the most crucial ones – those that are tied to several trophies.

Mission 3 toy locations – Playset Sold Separately trophy

There are two toys in Mission 3. The Gargoyle Toy can be found near the start of the level. When you get to the long corridor without a floor, look down and to the left and you’ll see a climbable wall. Grab it, turn around and jump onto the ledge. If you look up and to the left, you’ll see the collectible atop the giant skull. Walk along the spine, then jump onto the blue jump pad in the distance, turn around and grab the climbable wall on the floating rock. Propel yourself to the climbable wall on the right and go up. From there, you won’t be able to see the skull, but if you jump out, you’ll be able to air-dash to it.

The next one is the Soldier (Blaster) Toy. You’ll find it at the bottom of the room with the spikes on the walls. There’s a hatch in the middle of the floor that leads into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel past the traps and look for a breakable wall on the right. You’ll find the toy behind it.

Cultist Base album location – Metal Head trophy

The album, called DOOM II, is hidden in the meat grinder section. After you pass through the vertical grinder you’ll see the question mark behind some bars on the left. Go straight until you fin another grinder on the left. Wait for it to fall, then go over it and to the left. Squeeze through the space to get to the album.

Mission 3 cheat code – Reforged the Genie Lamp trophy

The code you’ll find here is IDDQD, which was the god mode code from the original game. When you’re at the top of the room with the spikes on the walls, jump across to the other side. Use he horizontal poles to stay above the red storm and below the spiked fence. Use the elevator on the left, grab the super shotgun then use it again. You’ll soon end up at the lowest level of the spike room. Use the poles on the central column to swing around it and get to the secret ledge where the floppy disk is.

Cultist Base sentinel battery challenges

There are three sentinel battery challenges in Mission 3: Cultist Base. Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to complete them:

  • Acquire 1 sentinel crystal;
  • Iginite 4 demons with a single blast of the flame belch;
  • Destroy an Arachnotron turret.

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