Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base Collectibles & Secrets Locations - Doom Eternal

Doom Hunter Base is mission 4 in Doom Eternal. There are twenty collectibles and secrets strewn across this level, including extra lives, toys, albums, codex entries and more. Not all of them are essential for 100% completion of the level, but all of them are beneficial. Even though some are right on the main path through the level, others are well hidden in dead ends and places you wouldn’t normally think of checking. If you’re having trouble finding them all, this guide will show you all Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base collectibles & secrets locations in Doom Eternal.

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doom eternal mission 4 collectibles secrets locations doom hunter base
Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal

Although there’s twenty collectibles and secrets in total, not all of them are equal. Some can be safely disregarded while still getting the coveted 100% cleared mark. Here are the ones you absolutely have to pick up:

  • Modbot x1
  • Praetor Suit Point x4
  • Sentinel Battery x2
  • Codex Page x3
  • Sentinel Crystal x1
  • Toy x2
  • Rune x1
  • Album x1
  • Cheat Code x1

The video below will show you how to get them all – even the non-essential ones. There are time stamps in the description for each one, so you can skip over the ones you’ve already collected. Further down, you’ll find verbal instruction on how to reach the ones that matter the most.

Toy locations in Doom Hunter Base

The first toy you can get is the Lost Soul. You’ll find it in the foundry – the room with the moving platform that pours lava onto the floor. Use the big elevator to go up, then jump into the pipe going along the ceiling in the middle of the room.

To get the second toy, wait until you reach the part where a demon-cyborg is being put together and placed in a glass vat. Go past it and through the giant door, then down the hallway. Once you reach another door, turn around and look up. Shoot the switch on the ceiling, and the ramp in front of you will lower, revealing a secret passage.

Cheat code location in Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base

The cheat code is called Silver Bullet Mode. To get it, after you snatch the rune, go through the gauntlet with the spikes and electricity, then follow the corridors to the big room with the lasers. Get through the lasers by grabbing onto the flying coffins, then interact with the skull in front of the display to open the coffin. Go through the door behind the coffin and head upwards. Grab onto the big vertical cylinder floating in the middle of the room, then follow the path to the adjacent room and onto the top of the other cylinder- that’s where the code is.

Mission 4 album location

Once you’ve grabbed the cheat code, go back to room with the first cylinder using the other rounte. It will allow you to grab onto the cylinder from the other side, and the climbable wall will lead you to a door. The Commander Keen album is through the door, inside the cylinder.

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