Mission 5: Super Gore Nest Collectibles & Secrets Locations - Doom Eternal

Super Gore Nest is the fifth mission in Doom Eternal. It’s a big map with lots of secrets and collectibles – around 30 in total. Some of them are on the main route and are really hard to miss, but others are stashed away behind cracked walls, tucked into hard to reach nooks and otherwise hidden from view. Even though you don’t have to collect all of them for 100% completion, it’s still a daunting task. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you all Mission 5: Super Gore Nest collectibles & secrets locations in Doom Eternal.

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mission 5 super gore nest collectibles secrets locations doom eternal
Mission 5: Super Gore Nest Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal

Several of the thirty collectibles and secrets are non-essential, which means you can safely skip over them and still clear out the level (at least statistically). Of the grand total, 22 absolutely have to be picked up for 100% completion, and they are:

  • Codex Page x3
  • Toys x3
  • Modbot x2
  • Praetor Suit Point x5
  • Rune x2
  • Sentinel Crystal x1
  • Sentinel Battery x2
  • Album x2
  • Slayer Key x1
  • Cheat Code x1
  • Secret Encounter x1

The video below will show you where to find all of them, even the ones that aren’t imperative. There are time stamps in the description which should help you navigate the video and avoid looking at stuff you’ve already grabbed.

Mission 5 cheat code locations

The cheat code is hidden away in the lower parts of the map, the area with all the blue jumping pads. It’s hidden in a cave embedded in a cliff face, and you might spot it behind bars/teeth as you happily jump around. To get to it, you’ll need to find another entrance to the cave – it’s a bit to the left, embedded in the same cliff.

Toy locations in Super Gore Nest

There are three toys in the Super Gore Nest. The first one is the Mecha Zombie, which is on a ledge above the blue gore key door across the road from the Mixom building. You’ll need to use hte poles to climb up there.

Then there’s the Soldier (Shield) toy, which can be found in a hidden room above the hexagonal concourse. Get to the upper level of the concourse and turn towards the stompy meaty thing. There are two horizontal poles on its sides, moving up and down, out of sync with the meaty horror. Grab one of them when they’re near the top of their trajectory and use it to get to the green-lit tunnel. Turn around and jump to the ledge further up. Go around the pillar and you’ll find the collectible.

Finally, there’s the Revenant, which can be found in a dead end in the toxic sewer section.

Super Gore Nest album locations

The first of the two albums is the Doom 3 Main Theme. You’ll find it by jumping across the chasm from the UAC building, grabbing the pole on the rotating skull-plated platform, then landing on a ledge on the other side.

The other is Wolf 3D – Wondering About My Loved Ones. It’s behind the blue gore key door at the end of a long bridge.

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