Doom 2016 Lever Locations

Doom 2016 levers are well hidden throughout the world, but their role is very important – these levers unlock a Classic Map secret. In each campaign mission you’ll come across a hidden mechanical lever which opens a door to a secret room.
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Once you pull the lever you’ll be able to play a portion of the original DOOM or DOOM II. Once discovered in the game, the full map becomes playable.

Doom Mission 1 – UAC

Unlocks: DOOM II – Entryway Map
Lever location: As you’re exploring the mining complex, drop down past the round, glowing platform and turn back. There’s a lever you need to pull under the platform, which will open the door to a secret room ahead of you.

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Doom Mission 2 – Resource Operations

Unlocks: DOOM – Hangar Map
Lever location: After dropping through the door, you’ll spot the armor in the corner of the room. Once you climb onto the crates, and grab the armor, keep climbing up to the right and you will see the lever. Pull the lever, and jump down onto the yellow railing, where you’ll see an open door that leads into the secret room.

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