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doom mission 11 necropolis collectibles

Necropolis collectibles & secrets

The Necropolis is the eleventh campaign mission in Doom 2016. Once you go through the Titan’s Core portal, you’ll find yourself in the new area…

doom 2016 mission 9 Lazarus Labs collectibles

Lazarus Labs Collectibles & Secrets

Lazarus Labs is the ninth campaign mission in Doom 2016. This level is overrun with demons released by Olivia. Your goal is to shut down…

doom 2016 mission 4 secrets

Argent Facility Secrets in Doom 2016

Mission 4: Argent Facility is the fourth campaign mission in Doom 2016. The main objective for this campaign mission is to shut down the Argent…

doom 2016 mission 3 foundry

Mission 3 Collectibles & Secrets – Foundry

Mission 3: Foundry is the third campaign mission in Doom 2016. While completing the main objective, you’ll have to explore the whole factory, destroy four…

doom uac mission 1 lever location

Lever Locations

Doom 2016 levers are well hidden throughout the world, but their role is very important – these levers unlock a Classic Map secret. In each…

doom mission 1 collectibles secrets

Mission 1 Collectibles & Secrets

Mission 1: The UAC is the first level in Doom. It’s set on the planet surface, and there are several collectibles and secret rooms you…