Doom 2016 Mission 4 Secrets Argent Facility

Mission 4: Argent Facility is the fourth campaign mission in Doom 2016. The main objective for this campaign mission is to shut down the Argent Tower by disabling Argent Filters. In this mission you’ll be able to collect a brand new devastating close range weapon Super Shotgun from demons. You’ll come across well hidden collectibles like field drones, data logs, automap station, hidden rooms, elite guards, argent cells, and rune trials (this type of collectible makes its first appearance in this mission). Some of them give you upgrade currency, while others do nothing but clue you in on the story. This guide will show you all mission 4 secrets & collectibles in Doom 2016 and where to find them.

Mission 4 Secret Room & Collectible Locations

While exploring the Argent Facility mission the most important things to grab are the Elite Guard data chips and the Argent Cell. You’ll also discover a secret room where you can play Toxin Refinery map from Doom 1. You can access this bonus map from the main menu. Here’s a video guide detailing how to get them all.

For those that can’t watch video here is a screenshot guide to all the collectible locations.

Rune Trial – kill 15 imps with a shotgun

You can’t miss this collectible, since it is on your way and very close to where the mission starts. Trial is doable and make sure you are at close range when shooting imps to do maximum damage. Doing gore kills increases the time bonus you receive for each kill. Reward is Vacuum rune that increases the range at which you absorb dropped items.

Data Log 1

After the rune trial enter the next cave and to your left is some machinery and crates, with the data log being on the floor.

Lever – Secret area – Classic Map: Toxin Refinery

Just a bit left of the data log, behind some barrels is a lever that unlocks the classic Doom level – Toxin refinery. After you pull the lever go outside the cave and you should see the entrance into the secret area to your right. Make sure you visit because only once you are inside will you unlock the secret.

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  1. R
    Rasmus Bertelsen

    Secret Area – Classic Map: Toxin Refinery. There are 2 doors in the secret room, I cannot open any of them. Shouldn’t you be able to? I have not encountered any enemies yet in that room.

    1. D

      You’re only unlocking the classic map it to play outside the main game, from the main menu. The inside game is not a complete map.

  2. B

    I have a question. I have finished the game now, but i cant find a Data Log in this Mission. I cleared the whole map and foznd all secrets. For better understanding, i made a Screenshot.

  3. A

    Did you know that there are 2 rune trials in that map

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