Doom Mission 5 Secrets - Argent Energy Tower

Mission 5: Argent Energy Tower is one of the levels in Doom 2016. It’s the one where you scale a giant tower and have to kill Olivia Pierce in the end.
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There are a bunch of collectibles on this map, including elite guard corpses, data logs, secret rooms and more. You’ll also unlock a new high damage weapon Gauss Cannon. Our guide will help you by showing all Doom Mission 5 Secret locations and how to reach them.

Mission 5 Secret Locations

It is very important to know that in this mission you can’t reach the end and then go back for some collectibles because at some point you’ll drop down from the train platform and you’ll not be able to go back. While exploring the Argent Energy Tower mission the most important things to grab are the Elite Guard data chips and the Argent Cell. You’ll also discover a secret room where you can play Halls of the damned map from Doom 1. You can access this bonus map from the main menu. Here’s a video guide detailing how to get them all.

In the hangar near the starting point, when you drop down, look for a door on the left. You’ll find a pair of double-jump boots here, as well as a data log on the floor.

When you leave the room, follow the right wall, climb on the crates and jump up onto the ledge to reach a Rune Trial. You’ll have to kill 30 monsters with the Super Shotgun before the time runs out.

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