Doom Mission 6 Collectibles & Secrets Kadingir Sanctum

Mission 6: Kadingir Sanctum is the sixth campaign mission in Doom 2016. This is the first mission in the Hell dimension, so the surroundings change completely. Your main objective is to find a way back to Mars and stop the demons from absorbing your world. There is a huge number of well-hidden collectibles in this area, and some collectibles are quite confusing to find. Don’t forget that if you reach the end of the mission you won’t be able to go back and collect some items. You’ll come across 24 collectible items like data logs, automaps, secrets, hidden rooms, elite guards, argent cells, field drones, and rune trials and each of them are needed in some way towards achievements / trophies.

In Kadingir Sanctum mission, you’ll also unlock a new weapon Chaingun that deals major damage at a very high rate of fire. Once you unlock the secret room, you’ll be able to play Slough of Despair map from Doom 1. You can access this bonus map from the main menu. This guide will show you all mission 6 secrets & collectibles in Doom 2016 and where to find them.

Mission 6 Collectibles

This mission offers two Rune Trials. The first Rune Trial: Savagery is just above the secret room. You have to kill Imps with the Super Shotgun to allow movement for 4 seconds. After completing the trial successfully, you’ll be able to perform Glory Kills faster. You can also upgrade the Rune by performing 25 unique Glory Kills while Savagery is equipped. This upgrade allows you to increase the speed of Glory Kills. Kadingir Sanctum level is very bugged, and you’ll face big problems during the second Rune Trial: Seek And Destroy (unfortunately you have to restart the mission to solve the problem). This time, you should use the Heavy Assault Rifle to weaken and perform Death from Above Glory Kills on 3 Hell Knights before the timer expires. The reward for completing the trial is the ability to launch into a Glory Kill from much further away. The Rune can be upgraded by performing Glory Kill on 75 demons.

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  1. J
    Jason M Watson

    This level is unbeatable…….. period

  2. R

    So, I think I got to the very end of the level (kadingir sanctum) past the door where multiple Barrons of Hell & a summoner Spawn, but after that battle, I backtracked to get the last rune trial I missed. Now, that door is closed, and I can’t find a way to progress. Everytime I self sucide, I restart at the rune trial check point. I played the Argent Energy Tower level again from mission select, but after I beat the level, it takes me back to the mission select screen. When I select continue game, it restarts me at the rune checkpoint in kaddingir sanctum and the door is still locked.

    Is there a fix for this or an I going yo have to restart this game midway through? That would be a bunmer.

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