Doom Mission 8 Collectibles Advanced Research Complex

Doom 2016 mission Advanced Research Complex is the eight campaign mission in Doom 2016. The story takes place inside the tram station at the office complex.
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Your goal is to reach BFG Prime Lab and obtain the new powerful weapon BFG. This is an AoE weapon that blows away multiple enemies with streams of supercharged Argent plasma. While wandering throughout this level you will come across 19 well hidden collectibles like data logs, automaps, secrets, hidden rooms, elite guards, argent cells, field drones, and rune trials and each of them are needed in some way towards achievements / trophies. This guide will show you where to find all mission 8 collectibles & secrets in Doom 2016.

Mission 8 Collectibles

In the Advanced Research Complex mission you’ll come to the point of no return; thus, we advice you to follow our guide and find all collectibles during the first run. Once you pull a lever near the Gore Nest, you’ll unlock the door and find the Classic Map – Phobos Lab, that was available in Doom 1. You can access this bonus map from the main menu.

After destroying the Gore Nest, go through the airlock and you’ll find the first Rune – Blood Fueled. Its objective says to eliminate all targets before the timer expires, armed with the heavy assault rifle. Movement is only permitted for 3 seconds following any kill. After completing the task successfully, you will be able to move faster for a short time after performing a Glory Kill. The Rune can be upgraded by killing 50 demons during the speed boost.

At the end of the mission, once you turn off the power, you’ll find the second Rune that triggers Rune Trial – Intimacy Is Best. Your objective is to use the Pistol to weaken and then Glory Kill 8 Imps before the timer expires (20 sec). The reward for this task is that Demons become more Glory Kill friendly due to a high damage resistance when staggered.

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