Doom 2016 Mission 9 Collectibles Lazarus Labs

Lazarus Labs is the ninth campaign mission in Doom 2016. This level is overrun with demons released by Olivia.
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Your goal is to shut down the portal and defeat Cyberdemon – the first boss in the game. Cyberdemon has several different weapons and pretty quick attacks. The best strategy for the first phase is to run in circles around the boss and use the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Mod. When the boss uses a scythe, just double jump to avoid damage. During the second phase, the boss will try to trap you in between two rocks, while shooting projectiles at you at the same time. Just jump to dodge projectiles. Defeating the boss unlocks Shoot it Until it Dies Trophy / Achievement. Once you unlock the secret room, you’ll be able to play Tower of Babel map that was available in Doom I. You can access this bonus map from the main menu.

Lazarus labs level is pretty huge map, and you’ll come across 20 collectibles like data logs, automaps, secrets, hidden rooms, elite guards, argent cells, field drones, and rune trials, and each of them are needed in some way towards achievements / trophies. You’ll also find some brand new equipment, the Siphon Grenade. It slightly damages enemies within its radius while healing the player. This video guide will show you all mission 9 secrets & collectibles in Doom 2016 and where to find them.

Mission 9 collectibles

Lazarus Labs mission offers two Rune Trials. In the first one, Rich Get Richer, you should use the Rocket Launcher and the resources found in the area to eliminate all targets before the timer expires (1:30 min). Targets will not drop resources when destroyed. The reward for completing Rich Get Richer is that firing your standard weapons will not cost ammo when you have 100 Armor or more. The second Rune Trial – Saving Throw can be completed by eliminating all targets before the timer expires (35 Seconds). You can use Gauss Cannon and the resources found in the area. Health levels are critical.

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