DBZ Kakarot Endgame Content - What to Do After Beating The Main Story

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s main story takes about 35-40 hours to complete. After you’re done with it, you can spend at least that much time completing activities that you’ve missed and busying yourself with this and that. If you’re keen to spend some more time in this world after you’ve seen all four sagas to their end, this guide will show you a list of DBZ Kakarot endgame content, to help you decide what to do after beating the main story.

dbz kakarot endgame content
DBZ Kakarot Endgame Content – What to Do After Beating The Main Story

What can you do after completing DBZ Kakarot?

There are lots of things you can do after you’ve completed the game. First off, you can go around and complete all the side quests you’ve missed. Some of them are tied to certain periods of the story, but you will be able to use Trunks’ time machine to go back in time and play through them, once it’s added to the game.

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You can hunt down the remaining villainous enemies. When you’ve cleared them all, you’ll be able to fight the Mira & Towa secret boss. You can also use the dragon balls to resurrect bosses you’ve already beaten, in order to fight them again. The resurrected versions will be stronger, so it will still be a challenge.

If you’re a completionist, you can check out the achievements and see what you’re missing – you probably won’t have all the D medals collected. There’s a pretty good chance you also won’t have unlocked all the Z-encyclopedia entries, or completed the multitude of training ground challenges.

According to those who’ve played the game extensively pre-release, there is supposed to be about 80-100 hours of fun activities for those looking to turn every stone and really wring the game dry. If you’re hungry for more, just look around – there’s bound to be something you’ve missed.

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  1. S

    How to use time machine

    1. D

      Go to capsule Corp after you beat the game, and if you look on the minimap you’ll see the time machine, go to the white building to the right of capsule Corp and you’ll see trunks and bulma standing by it.

      1. A

        Yes but this will only give you the playable futur trunks after that there will only be bulma father waiting next to the time machine and If you talk to him he will only say something like let me some time so I could adjust the time machine.Is my situation normal or is it a glitch?

        1. C

          To answer all of those who were wondering it’s not out yet. There was a tweet confirming that the 1.04 update will include this feature as well as a new sub story. I’ve just completely finished everything to do and I’m only missing three sub quests so I’m in the same boat.

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