How to Do Follow-Up Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

DBZ Kakarot follow-up attacks are attacks that you can perform on an enemy that you’ve sent flying after a special attack. Doing a follow-up attack in DBZ Kakarot allows you to extend the combo and keep dealing damage to the opponent. However, executing the move might be a little difficult to figure out, especially for less-experienced players. So, here’s our How to Do Follow-Up Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot guide to clear things up a bit.

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How to Do Follow-Up Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
How to Do Follow-Up Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

DBZ Kakarot Follow-Up Attacks – How to Perform?

To perform a follow-up attack in DBZ Kakarot, you first have to send the opponent flying. You can do so either with a Special Attack, or other means. Once you do, quickly fly over to the enemy while they’re still stunned, and hit the Fight / Attack button again (Circle on the PlayStation 4, B on Xbox One) when in range. This will allow you to keep the combo going, which is great, both because you’re numbers will keep going up, and because it lets you get free hits in.

Don’t get overzealous, though. If you fly to your opponent, and they’ve regained their composure, you might still be able to pull off another attack, but you could also fly face-first into a Special Attack. So, exercise some caution, that’s all I’m saying. Also, if you raise your combo level on the Super Attacks Skill Tree, you’ll be able to perform multiple follow-up attacks. Whether or not you want to buy those skills is, of course, up to you and your preferred playstyle. However, I do recommend investing a bit in this, because you really want to keep your attacks rolling.

And, well, that’s all there is to doing Dragon Ball Z Karkarot follow-up attacks. In case you need further help with the game, allow me to direct you to some of our other DBZ Kakarot guides. Among other articles, we’ve got How to Get Gifts & Level Up Soul Emblems, How to Beat Raditz, and King Yemma Quiz Questions & Answers, with more to come.

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