How to Fix Fatal Error Crash in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

DBZ Kakarot Fatal Error crash is a glitch that has been plaguing the players on PC. The Fatal Error crash in DBZ Kakarot happens when you attempt to boot the game, not even letting it get to the title screen. Fortunately, the fixes for the crash are fairly simple, but they might have not crossed your mind in your frustrated state. So, we’re gonna show you what to do in our How to Fix Fatal Error Crash in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot guide.

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How to Fix Fatal Error Crash Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
How to Fix Fatal Error Crash in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

DBZ Kakarot Fatal Error Crash Bug – How to Fix?

To fix the Fatal Error crash bug in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, there are several avenues for you to explore. First off, if you use an AMD Radeon, you’re gonna have to update your drivers to the newest edition, 20.1.2. As a matter of fact, the very top of the release notes of the new update mentions support for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. When you update your drivers, make sure that you switch the Preferred Software Version from Recommended Only to Recommended + Optional, just to be safe. So, yeah, a fairly simple fix for a huge headache.

If this does not help, then it might be your antivirus causing the Fatal Error crash. So, go into your files and find the game’s folder. Then, make sure to tell the antivirus to leave it the heck alone by marking it. Last, but certainly not least, are all my NVIDIA users out there. If you have an NVIDIA, and are encountering the crash, you’re gonna have to update your drivers just like Radeon users. And, while your at it, mark the game’s folder to be skipped by the antivirus to make double-sure that you won’t have to deal with the Fatal Error again.

And, that wraps up the fixes we know for the Fatal Error Crash in DBZ Kakarot. If you have any solution of your own, please, do tell us in the comments. And, if you need more help with the game, check out some of our other guides on the subject. Among others, we’ve written Community Board – Soul Emblems, Endgame Content – What to Do After Beating The Main Story, and Gift Gohan Bug Solution.

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