How to Complete The Only Way Out Dying Light 2 Meet The People of The Bazaar

Meet the people of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2 is part of the quest The Only Way Out. This quest becomes available once you complete the game’s tutorial. Your first objective is to spend time at the Bazar while waiting to hear from Hakon, but once you reach the Bazar area your objective turns into Meet the People of the Bazaar. Even though you find and talk to all the people at the Bazaar, the objective doesn’t update. If you don’t know how to complete The Only Way Out Dying Light 2 Meet The People of The Bazaar step quest we have a detailed guide for you.

Complete Meet The People of the Bazaar The Only Way Out Dying light 2
Complete The Only Way Out in Dying Light 2 – Meet The People of The Bazaar

How to Complete Meet The People of the Bazaar in the Only Way Out Quest – Dying Light 2

There are two steps you have to do before completing this objective:
1. If you use your survivor sense it will be very easy to find all the people in the Bazaar that you have to speak with. Also don’t forget to investigate a poster on the wall, that you can reach through the open door near Carlos.
2. The other important thing that you have to do is to complete two side quests. The first one is Cheers! and the second one is The Spark of Invention. You’ll find both quests at the Bazaar. For the quest The Spark of Invention you just need to collect two Electrical parts. During the second quest Cheers! you will have to make some important choices, like accept Marco’s deal or tell the truth about poisoned water. We have a detailed guide with both choices and their consequences to help you select the best result.

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