Find the Tunnel Entrance Dying Light 2

Find the Tunnel Entrance in Dying Light 2 is a quest step in the X13 main mission. It requires you to, well, find the location of a tunnel entrance that you have to go through in order to proceed. The problem is that the game doesn’t actually show you where you have to go. A refreshing break from being constantly held by the hand, but still, you might get lost. Well, not if we have anything to say about it. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where the tunnel entrance in the X13 quest is.

find the tunnel entrance dying light 2
Find the Tunnel Entrance Dying Light 2

Where to Find Dying Light 2 Tunnel Entrance in X13 Quest

To find the tunnel entrance in the Dying Light 2 X13 main quest, you need to go near the middle of the search area; slightly to the west of the middle of Garrison, to be exact. The thing you’re looking for is a large, yawning crater in the gray, toxic-looking fog. If you can’t spot it on the map, just take a gander at the screenshots below to see exactly where you need to go. Once you get to the crater, all you need to do is clamber down to its lowest level until you reach “ground” level and a very brief cutscene happens. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the undead, and you’ll get a marker on the screen leading you to a door.

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That’s where you find the tunnel entrance in the X13 quest in Dying Light 2. You can fight the zombies that come at you in the crater, but I think you can also just make a run for the door. In all honesty, we did kill them all before going to the tunnel, so, do whatever works for you. Either way, once you interact with the door, Aiden will keep running but lose consciousness fairly quickly. After that, another cutscene is going to play (a proper one, this time). Obviously, I’m not gonna tell you what takes place in or after it. Proceed with your journey to X13.

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