Moonshine Safe Code - Year America Was Discovered Dying Light 2

Moonshine has been a staple of American pop culture for a long time. From the time alcohol was banned in the US, all the way to make-shift booze made in prisons (“prison wine”), it’s no wonder that a side quest in Dying Light 2 revolves around this rare commodity. Appropriately named “Moonshine”, this side quest revolves around getting a bottle of alcohol out of a safe. Unfortunately, the quest givers don’t know the exact safe code. All they know is that it has something to do with the discovery of America. Well, in this Moonshine Safe Code – Year America Was Discovered Dying Light 2 guide, we will tell you the exact code, as well as how to get this side quest in the first place.

Moonshine Safe Code - Year America Was Discovered Dying Light 2

How to Get Moonshine Side Quest in Dying Light 2

You will get the “Moonshine” side quest from Jack and Joe. Consequently, to be able to get this side quest, you will need to have helped Jack and Joe out when you face them in the Water Tower. If you decided to fight – and kill – them, then this side quest won’t be available.

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Once you have let this infamous duo go, the next time you will meet them will be in The Wharf. They have been captured by the Peacekeepers and are in a prison cell there. Jack and Joe will ask you to help them out by finding a bottle of booze from the Water Tower in Horseshoe and bringing it back to them. They can’t remember the exact safe code, but they do know it’s related to the discovery of America.

What is the Moonshine Safe Code DL2

If you know your history, then you already know the answer to this question. The year America was discovered by Christopher Columbus was 1492. When you get to the Water Tower and find the safe, input the code in this sequence: 14-9-2. Open the safe, grab the bottle, and bring it back to Jack and Joe to complete the “Moonshine” side quest.

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